(Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that can deliver unmatched ROI, but with more than 200 ranking factors in Google’s ever-evolving algorithm, it’s no longer something that your computer-savvy nephew can do for you. Digital Finger Services understands that your business is unique — so your SEO strategy should be unique, too. We can help increase the visibility of your content across various search engines and devices using a customized approach.
We have your back on the digital frontier. We’re not just your SEO company, we’re your co-collaborators and partners for web success.

Not Just SEO Service

Our services are not just SEO services, but include digital marketing including website creation services, online shop shop, company profile, and web news, institutional websites such as schools to online advertising (Facebook ads and Google Adwords). Regarding services other than SEO services, you can contact us for prior consultation.

SEO is the way of Effective and Efficient Promotion

Those who use the best SEO services know exactly what benefits they will get.

  • With SEO targeted sales are more targeted because of the facts proving that people searching on Google are people in need.
  • More cost-effective and time because once your website is on the first page of Google then it continues to work even when you fall asleep.
  • SEO-oriented to get bigger profits and in a long time for the sale of business websites that you manage.

First page of Google is not enough

Based on the analysis of our expert seo team, the fact that the website is in the top 5 position on the first page of google dominate the conversion rate higher sales, compared with the websites outside of it. So no wonder why online business people want the website is in that position, not just on the first page of google but must find the top 5 of the main page serp. For that we understand your needs and will keep your website in line with what you expect. Due to the success of online sales from your website is also a successful seo service that we provide.

Our Partner and Client

Here are some companies that have become our partners and clients, and many more.

Special Price We Give To You

You are our best business partner who will get SPECIAL PRICE and SPECIAL PROMO – June 2018

Package Finger A
IDR 16.600.000,-per year
  • 5 keywords
  • 1 Keyword Top 5 Warranty
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Web analyze
  • Report
Package Finger C
IDR 24.400.000,-per year
  • 15 keywords
  • 3 Keyword Top 5 Warranty
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Web analyze
  • Report

* Website optimization estimate of minimum 3 months and maximum 6 months, but could be faster than predicted, depending on Google update serp.

Do not Think Too Far, Contact Us Immediately

Choose us to make a good decision for increase your business, we will help you to make your website on first page of google and get profit. Do not think too far, before your competitors beat you. Contact us immediately for your online business success. For fast response please Call 021 – 83708679.